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Pro-C Powder - 200g

Pro-C Powder

Omega 3x1 - 120 Softgel Capsules

Omega 3x1

Acid Reflux Digestive Issues Package

Acid Reflux Digestive Issues Package

Pro D3 5

Pro D3 5

Super Calcium Absorption Pack

Super Calcium Absorption Pack

Mega Pro 20 Billion CFU - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Mega Pro 20 Billion CFU

CholestePro - 120 Vegetarian Capsules


MULTIpro for Women - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

MULTIpro for Women

Saccharomyces Boulardii - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Saccharomyces Boulardii

Pro D3 50 - 35 Capsules

Pro D3 50 (35 Capsules)

All Flex Duo Pack

All Flex Duo Pack

Mega Pro 50 Billion CFU - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Mega Pro 50 Billion CFU

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Bowl of Healthy Snacks
Aug 19, 2016
When summer fun takes over, our healthy meal planning brains seem to take a nap on the hammock hanging in the backyard.  While we do our best to stay healthy by taking a daily supplement, it is far too easy to stop at our favorite fast food restaurant and grab a burger rather than ripping up a salad, especially when the car is crammed full of beach umbrellas and kids. However, when packing the cooler it can be easier, cheaper and healthier to raid the crisper rather than the single serve chip aisle at the grocery store.  What are some of our favorite grab n' go summer snacks... + continue reading
Person meticulously washing their hands
Aug 08, 2016
Germaphobes are correct in believing that there are harmful germs and bacteria lurking all around us. There are plenty of microscopic germs and bacteria out there. And we should take precautions such as washing our hands to protect ourselves and others from coming into contact with them. However, some of these fears have led to myths about germs that have crept into our common culture. 9 Myths Germaphobes Have Convinced You Are Real Myth #1 – All Germs Are Bad This is simply false.  The truth is that the beneficial microorganisms outnumber the harmful ones.  What... + continue reading
Two Women talking over a cup of Coffee
Aug 01, 2016
Even though coffee continues to get a bad rap, studies show that your java habit may actually be good for you after all. From fewer cavities to reduced cancer, there are countless reasons why you should continue enjoying your cup of coffee or two. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about your morning cup of coffee. Contrary to what most people believe, those who take around four cups of coffee a day have a 20 percent lesser risk of melanoma compared to those who drink coffee less often. This is according to a 2015 study done by The Journal of the National Cancer Institute. This is... + continue reading